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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Dave Franklin, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. Does anyone know of an alternative fixing to this sink waste pipe on a Continental Malaga sink?


    This funnel in the pic is attached to the waste outlet of the sink and then onto a plastic waste hose by a copper u-bend


    I'm hoping there is a more modern variant available somewhere.
  2. @Dave Franklin i’m sure you’ll be able to swap the whole thing for something a similar diameter from screwfix etc. I’m going to stick with the original on mine though, any particular reason you want to swap?
  3. Cockers it now seems that the metal screw collar that connects the funnel to the waste doesn't fit, hence the tape that was holding mine together. Yours looks as though its a plastic item? Any ideas where I might get one of these?
  4. 46CE9103-1CEE-4BC9-B2C3-221BD9D87C27.jpeg 6A0895F7-CEBB-4F58-AD12-95C71DE7B9AC.jpeg
    I’ve just been out to check but a collar off a 32mm pipe fitting will do the trick, it’s the same thread, this one was from b&q
  5. You're a star, cheers
  6. Sorry for asking stupid questions, but the thread width on the metal waste outlet on the sink is 45mm? I'm presuming the thread width of the 32mm plastic pipe is 32mm
  7. The coupling is to join two pieces of 32mm pipe, normally used for waste from a sink the coupling itself is bigger
  8. Cockers does your interior have a westfalia metal badge on it? Mine seems to be off a different vehicle, so trying to trace what a westie continental Malaga badge should look like
  9. Nothing that says Malaga on it no, you should have a westfalia sticker and then a silver sticker which says continental on the side of the fridge/hob unit which faces the sliding door
  10. Like so...
  11. I have the silver westfalia sticker. But this one is one the r & r bed
  12. I’ll try and dig that board out another day & compare, what makes you think it’s not correct to the interior?
  13. I've been led to believe that the SO25 refers to a vw pick-up, but I'm probably confusing the codes
  14. I wouldn’t worry, I’m pretty sure westfalia never touched a pickup
  15. Yet another stupid question. What is on the base of your side stool next to the sink/wardrobe unit? Mine looks as though it once held a piece of ply, but it has been removed. Just wondering if there used to be a specific holder for the gas bottles
  16. SO25 is a pick-up, SO73/3 is a Westfalia Malaga (’74 and ’75).
  17. So is the stamp on my interior from another model?
  18. I don’t know – I can’t find SO P-25 listed but it looks to be original. This is my Helsinki SO 73/7.

    IMG_7189 (Medium).JPG
  19. the cargo floor had two recesses in it for the gas bottles to sit in. I think the ply bottom also has holes in it to accomodate

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