FOR SALE Westfalia

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  1. DSC_0616.JPG DSC_0599.JPG DSC_0606.JPG DSC_0617.JPG Time to sell my Westfalia, £10,000
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  2. Show us the whole thing then. :)
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  3. Am on the case :thumbsup:
  4. :( shame after just getting mot n tax free , RHD too , good bus for someone , good luck .
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  5. DSC_0620.JPG DSC_0624.JPG DSC_0623.JPG Also has a Tow bar and electrics fitted

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  6. If I get the asking price I will have @SweeneyTodd make up some new front cab seat covers made to your own tastes.
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  7. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    did you sort the window you had off me then or has that swap gone for a burton?
  8. I still have the window @rickyrooo1 , will give it you at the next Techenders :beer:
  9. I need not to sell so please take another look:hattip:
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  10. Some more photo's :thumbsup::oops: DSC_0695.JPG DSC_0669.JPG DSC_0639.JPG DSC_0655.JPG DSC_0693.JPG DSC_0592.JPG
  11. Classified add on ebag will sell it...:thumbsup:
  12. Yer I know, but am not in a rush to sell to be honest, although money is tight :eek:. Have you still got your bay and did you sell that yank car.
  13. The yank is almost rebuilt ..and booked for an mot next month...
    and will be on eBay..

    The bus is the gonna get tipped over ,
    and begin welding it from the bottom up..:confused:
    I'm not sure what it's really like underneath..:gnome:

    I'm planning on looking at a cheap Subaru forester locally....:thinking:
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  14. Still for Sale.
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  16. It is for sale. I have edited the add to now say for sale.
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  17. I take it , that is good news...:thinking:
  18. It is good news, I just have to find another way to free up capital lol.

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