Westfalia pop top canvas?

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  1. Anyone got a perfect replacement? I´m completing a restoration these days, all parts bought in advance for a quick resto. This christmas it was time for fitting the new pop top canvas from NLA parts, looked fine, but it missed with more than 30 cm! Sent them a mail, but no sorry, no help - because it was bought long ago, anyway they sold me something useless, I am now going for the home-made solution, luckily I still had the old one from Westfalia with perfect fit! I will update this as soon as the roof is on the bus. :)
    So don't waste your money, buy your parts from someone that sells quality-parts . . .
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  3. Yes, its on the receipt.
  4. Have you considered taking it to an upholsterer to have it adjusted to fit? D@mn site cheaper than buying another.
    How is it off? Too tall, too short, doesn't reach all the way around?
    I'm currently learning upholstery. Those tops are time consuming, I'm sure, but not that complicated.
    Wait,... 30 CENTIMETERS?! Misread that. Thought it was 30mm. Crikey, that's a foot! That's fairly shoddy work then isn't it.
    Still, can't hurt to get a quote. You can always ask the dipshytz who made it for a scrap of matching material to fix it with. Least they could do, I'm sure.
    Tell me how it's off. Maybe I can walk you thru it if it's a simple enough alteration.
  5. sounds like mix up between an early and a late one to me
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  6. I´ve been training on my new sewing machine, will soon try too add fabric in the rear first.
    If this won't do the trick I´ll have someone make me a new one measured after the old one....
    Must be sure it fits before I put the roof back on the bus!
  7. green-camping, cool-out or NLA VW parts have the same address . . . selling the same Marmite . .
  8. Was it too big or too small in size?
  9. Too small ( ca. 30 cm. short )
  10. In height or length?
  11. I'm in the process of doing my westfalia roof. The roofs been off, been painted, the canvas removed. I ordered one from vw heritage. Not fitted it yet but I did lie it out against the old one and it seems the same. They are a lot of money for what they are. Tried several people to get one made up but no one was interested.
  12. For that sort of money it's not really surprising that its not great , mine was circa 350 and was made in the original WESTY sewery
  13. I get your point, pay little get poor quality. It should flipping fit though !!!
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  14. *Idea*
    Since you wont clarify, I'm going to guess it doesn't fit all the way around and you intend to sew a 30cm patch in the low end to make it reach.
    Since it may be hard to match the fabric, you could use clear vinyl.
    I've often thought a small window back at the shallow end would help reduce the claustrophobia
    Just a thought.
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  16. Sorry to revive this but I am in the market for a new roof. Looked at NLA's economy and premium versions today. I suspect the one being sold on ebay is the economy versio. Irrespective it should fit and now I am nervous.
  17. Ah damn only just seen this....My early westy roof canvas just arrived......from NLA

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