WANTED Westfalia late bay roof mechanism

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Dave Franklin, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Has anyone got a random westy roof mech lurking in their garage they don't want. Mine looks as though it has been "adapted" by a previous owner, and is now inoperative
  2. davidoft

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    I think buttys bits do them new now
  3. He's got the hinges on the site, but can't see the lifting mechanism
  4. davidoft

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    Ahhh, nobody sells that, what’s wrong with yours ? I think fixing is your best bet
  5. Not got a great deal of experience in westys, but mine has a nut attached to the centre bar on each side, I don't think that's an original feature?? The thread one on side has been stripped so the nut has fallen off. It's has been becoming more difficult to push up recently
  6. Mine is fixed to the spring hinge at each end with a bolt M4/5 bolt which goes through a hole at the end of the horizontal push bar. Bolt screws into a captive nut.
    Late bay roof.
  7. Moons

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    Which one do you have?

    The rear hinge ones have a centre lock, or a lock on each side (earlier rear hinge Westies). They all have the H shaped lifting mechanism.
  8. garytype2

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    I have one complete and been zink passivated
    not sure if I want to sell
    pm what you want to spend

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  9. Just the cross bar, but thanks for your help egg boxes
  10. Got some roof canvases too dave if your interested in a spare?
    Not sure if they’re for front or rear hinge? Cher’s steve

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  11. Thanks soul man, I have been instructed by the boss to get another jaffa one, when I sort that job
  12. I have a mechanism if your still looking.

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  13. I am still looking mate, any chance of price and some pics please?
  14. Yes sort some out tomorrow

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  15. Moons, sorry, I didn't see your reply for some reason. Mine locks on both sides. The internal spring has come loose on one side, hence my looking at either fixing the old one or getting another one.
  16. Mate I'm really not sure how much these cost. I've seen one in the states for $250,is my only guidance
  17. I have this one £75 posted.[​IMG]

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  18. Thanks mate, here is a couple of pics of mine. Looks totally different to your one?



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