Westfalia Headlining: OEM Vs JK Vs Muraspec

Discussion in 'Internal' started by Spacecowboyuk, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. I've been meaning to replace my headlining for a while. The cab section above the driver and passenger had completely split and dropped and in most other places it has shrunk.

    I discovered that Just Kampers were selling what seemed to be a good reproduction of it and for ~£15 for just the cab I thought I'd give it a go.

    Here is the JK product against the original headlining I'd taken down a day before:

    I'd say it was very close in terms of pattern and spot on for material.

    But the last week, in response to a thread I'd posted back in 2014 but forgot to go back and check(!), some nice TLB types pointed me in the direction of Muraspec and a wallpaper they produce called 'Cheviot'.

    The pattern is close but not exact. You would get away with it I think. The colour choice is vast so if you were doing a variation on a Westy interior this could work for you. Anyway, here are the samples:


    The top roll is the JK. The bottom roll connected to the box is OEM. As you can see, the sample furthest right is closest in colour. This is 'Cheviot 0419'.

    A closer shot of the pattern:

    If anyone would like more pics or details of the other colours of the Muraspec please let me know.


    So there you have it.

    I've not priced the Muraspec yet but if you wanted a nice reproduction to same colour and pattern, at this point I'd recommend JK.

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