SOLD Westfalia Essen trailer box and lid

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  1. Bought this when i restored my trailer but never used it. It is just the box and lid, NO running gear. Had thought it could be used to make a double height trailer, bolt on ? The lid and hinges would be useful as not all had them. Looking for £25 buyer collects just to get it out the way. Situated in South Devon
    It is just the brown box shown in photo, not the green trailer P1100961.JPG
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  2. I don't suppose anybody could get this to Leicester on their travels?
  3. Update, Free to anyone on here who can collect it before it goes on ebay
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  4. Would like this but I'm in Blackpool dam it
  5. just bumping this up again
  6. Hi just enquiring where in south Devon the box is situated pls if still available many thanks Robert
  7. Hi, its on the edge of the moors near buckfastleigh

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