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  1. Hi,

    I'm in the midst of trying to spruce up my interior in readiness for the return of my camper after a long period off the road. I'm having a problem with the latches on the cupboards though, the buttons are very stiff and once I do manage to depress them they don't release unless I push the catch in manually.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone know how to fix it?

    I took one apart, thinking that it would need parts greasing but was surprised to see that the main working parts (that touch) are plastic, is there a grease that you can use to make these move freely, without damaging the plastic?

    Thanks :)
  2. Try blasting them with WD40 , leave them sitting for an hour or two then blow them out with an airline .
    Dose the mechanism sparingly with light oil (3 in 1) and the jobs a good `un ...

  3. Will do, thank you sir :)
  4. davidoft

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    Take the buttons out of the handles, they tend to swell with age, sand them down around the circumference until they fall out of the handles with ease
  5. Thanks, I've cleaned and greased a couple earlier on and they appear to be working as intended again now, I think that the main issue was a build up of dust and crud cos they've been sat in a working garage whilst the bus was there.
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