Westfalia Berlin seat latch

Discussion in 'How To' started by DamonW, Apr 13, 2024.

  1. DamonW

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    Hi I bought a seat latch off a member here and a part I have been looking for quite a while - I now have all the bits - I am a little confused how the assembly should look - can anyone send me a pic of theirs so I can get a visual.
    It’s the little locking latch with pin that is on the rear seat / bed where you push the latch to release seat so can be lifted up
    Thanks Damon
  2. Chrisd

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    Hi, this is mine


    Inside the bench seat, from two angles

    IMG_20240413_145931794.jpg IMG_20240413_145936613.jpg
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  3. I suspect that there is an invisible spring behind the bolt that is pushed back with a finger in the hole with the tab:

    top hook on the bed:

    top locked at the bottom of the bench:


    pressed in with finger:
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  4. DamonW

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    Thanks both of you - much appreciated
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  5. These are super rare for some reason. My original “squirrel-destroyed” interior that I sold had one.. looked for ages to try and get og used fittings to add one to my repro interior but just none available anywhere. I ended up fitting a reimo (?) latch on mine. I think it’s an important safety thing otherwise there’s a risk of heavy stuff coming out of the under-bed storage and bouncing around the cabin in an accident.
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  6. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    These are a later thing aren't they? I've seen a lot of Westy's and not many had these catches. Maybe 5-10% of the ones I've seen.
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  7. mikedjames

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    Devon never bothered with latches on the bed..

    Theres so much stuff to fly forwards anyway..
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  8. yes I think you’re correct. Mines a 78
  9. DamonW

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    Yep mines a 79
  10. Chrisd

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    If and when anybody has a moment, could you post the measurements of the top latch for me. I made my own temporary one without the hole and it would be easier if I knew at least the red and green measurements before I start drilling into my made up one.


  11. DamonW

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    I am back in New York for a bit now so cannot measure the one I just bought - not back with van until July :(
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  12. Chrisd

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    No rush!
  13. 77 Westy

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    Red is 18mm and green is 11.5mm on my '77
    That’s 18mm to the edge of the hole and the hole is 11.5mm diameter (measured with a tape as bigger than 11mm and smaller than 12mm).:)
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  14. Chrisd

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    Thanks Geoff

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