Westfalia Berlin LHD

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  1. Hello Late bay enthusiast:),

    I'm looking for a T2B Westfalia Berlin bay window, it must be LHD, in excellent condition and rust free.
    I'd like to find a very original and solid bus for allowing our family of 4 to enjoy it soon.

    I'm living in France but can easily travel to inspect the bus, obviously I'd like to have an honest description of it avoiding me to make a trip for nothing ( like it happened already once...) I'm a car mad and collector and so I can appreciate the quality of a classic car so please don't make me dream for nothing.

    Budget gonna be in relation with the quality of the camper obviously and money is available right now.

    Here is an example of a bus I would have bought if it was still available as it is exactly what I'm looking for:

    Many thanks for your very useful forum, I hope to join the late bay family soon, and exchange with you experience and tips...:beer:
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  2. Thanks you can close the thread I found something and I'm no longer looking for a late bay.

    Kind regards ;)
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