Westfalia Berlin Deluxe 1978 project

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  1. Looks like im going to have to sell my westy project,

    I have lost storage so this has to go sadly.

    Currently running and driving but will not have this engine when sold (poached it out of my prototype so i could move it about) but i will include a 1600 long block which was running lovely, no end float but it did seize on the M23 so needs a rebuild.

    Complete van, interior all present and correct (bit of de laminating on cupboards but formica do sheets of laminate for em so easy repair)

    Pop top works fine, good, if dirty canvas all in good shape

    Front seats in good shape, passenger spins round on its base just like it should. All cushions present and correct.

    Front beam in perfect condition as is the chassis.

    I have replaced the o/s front arch (genuine), inner sill (genuine) middle and outer sill, rear inner and outer arch, bottom of sliding dor inner and outer.

    The horrible spare wheel cover has gone and a replacement front bumper has been sourced.

    To include new, rear corners, outer n/s rear arch, engine lid (s/h) battery tray (genuine)

    Work needed

    both outriggers on o/s need repairing/replacing (couldnt get genuine ones at the time so was waiting)

    both rear corners and rear valance

    N/s outer sill (inner looks to be ok)and rear arch. Front arch. Middle section of deformation panel needs to be done where they chop a bit out for the spare wheel horror.

    Tailgate, cab doors (will chuck a pair of repairable ones in)

    I think thats it.

    Link to resto thread where there are many pics....


    £3500 ono
  2. did you keep the horrible spare wheel pelican ?
  3. sold it to a customer who busted their one.
  4. No longer available im afraid, gonna keep it for meself :D

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