West coast of Scotland and Skye

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  1. Absolutely brilliant photos and holiday review, thanks so much for posting you lucky bugger!!! :D
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  2. Thanks. It was pretty special!

    Heading back to Glencoe, Arisaig, Skye and hopefully Harris in a few weeks.

    Going to take a hose pipe this time to refill the water tank. It's massive and built into the back of the fridge on the continental. This is great for washing/washing up etc but you don't want to be carrying around gallons and gallons of water up those hills! Better to jettison some before heading off and refilling when you get the chance! We borrowed a hose from some folk to refill but a few metres of our own would be handy!

    The gas fridge performed superbly. Just turned it off at night and only had to use it on low/medium despite it being really warm outside. It's fussy about being level but that's normal. Couldn't be bothered with carrying levelling chocks around!
  3. Fantastic.

    Looks brilliant and a perfectly timed write-up. The missus and I were planning to head for Skye for a few days later this month so I'll be poaching liberally from this. :thumbsup:
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  4. Cheers!
  5. Excellent. Where are you travelling from? We enjoyed both the ferry and the bridge! There is another suggested site on Cool Camping for Skye which looked nice. Saw others on our travels along with folk parked up wild. If you fancy a bit of wilderness then Camus More is brilliant. Glenbrittle is also ace (and I forgot to mention the great staff and very well stocked shop)

    Let us know how you get on!
  6. When you going btw? We might be there as well!
  7. Beautiful photos and thanks for taking the trouble to do such a great write up. Sounds like you had a really lovely time :thumbsup:

    I reckon that's next year's TLB calendar sorted already ... ;) what do you reckon hailfrank 72wilma ?!
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  8. Thanks Mrs Moosey, it was nice to write up the experience and hopefully others will find it useful should they decide to head this way :)

    It's not hard to take a good photo when the views were so lovely!
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  9. Great write up. I went camping to Skye in a hired bay back in 2009 it was spot on and I'd love to go again.
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  10. I met a few folk who had hired Bays. I wouldn't have hired them out! The electrics on one of them were shockingly installed...all manner of weird stuff going on and they were paying £100 a day!
  11. Where did you stay BTW?
  12. Torvaig just outside Portree and the camping and caravanning club site just outside edinbane
  13. I think I saw the Torvaig site after our jaunt to Portree. I'll look the other one up :) Cheers.
  14. Great views from the edinbane site.

  15. We're just outside Peebles, in the Borders. Planning on heading up two weeks today. Unfortunately we've only got three nights so just trying to figure out our route and places to stay. The rough plan was very similar to what you've done, actually. We love the area up towards Mallaig and were thinking of trying to find somewhere around Arasaig/Morar, so the place you've mentioned is ideal. After that, think it'll be a day and night on Skye then back via the bridge for another night on the mainland somewhere.

    Really looking forward to it, it'll only be the second time we've been properly away in the van and the first time without our wee boy so we'll have a bit more freedom to drive and stop when and where we fancy.
  16. I'm saving now for this exact trip ,cheers KarlB for confirming what I thought I already knew :) :thumbsup:
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  17. I'd buy the calendar :thumbsup:
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  18. Thanks Lord Congi. Be sure to PM me etc if you need any other information that I could help you with :)
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  19. Fidden Farm at Fionnphort on Mull - big site with no set pitches on the beach - and what a beach - white sands with pink granite islets.
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