West coast, Mull, Ardnamurchan, Skye and beyond!

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  1. We fancy Arran too @The Bruce .

    Thanks @Mrs Moosey, it was nice to write about it too. It's nice to look back on these things and reflect :)
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  2. Been Arran and islay before, both lovely but Arran that bit closer and we only have 6 days so...:(
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    brilliant footage from the camera!
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  5. Ok Karl.....challenge accepted....going to have my Bay ready for a trip to Applecross next summer! (it's having a CJ 2l engine so I still won't be able to keep up!)....White Sands is a cracking place but does attract the neds which is a shame.
    Like the woodland site near Aviemore...need to pay it a visit next year.
  6. Right, that's it...decision made we're off to Islay ;)
    Leaving tomorrow late pm headed for Hadrian's wall area, then to gourock, across west towards loch awe, down to kin tyre and across to Islay. Back a week on sat, hopefully loads of fotos and only tales of whiskey, beaches and historical ruins to tell! And by historical ruins I mean castles and cairns not The Bruce :)
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  7. Fantastic thread and pics ! Good god Applecross in a Bay! Hero! I peed my pants in my 350z down there a few years ago especially as we had a showdown with a fekin huge yank motorhome??? How the hell he got there I have no idea!!!
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  8. @The Bruce; I'll look forward to the photos and write up :)

    Cheers @Stan. It actually wasn't as bad as I'd expected it to be. The destination certainly made the journey worth while :)

    @The Bobdogs we are looking forward to returning as well. We'll be across that way again so let us know when your heading up in the bay; CONVOY!
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  9. Not long after we drove it,they closed it for repairs!!!
    Anyway my other half wont do France in the van (not because of the breakdown vortex) but she thinks its too far, so Scotland is on the cards. We have done a lot of Scotland in modern cars before so van will be interesting cant wait. Inspired by your trip mate
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  10. So, we're baaaaack! Great trip, done about 900 miles and got some great fotos and vids. Will attempt to get some photos up and some details of where we went by tomorrow
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  11. Looking forward to it :)
  12. THAT weather !! wow. We were never ever that lucky up there but perhaps maybe possibly next year !?
    Love the pics Karl, so stunning.
    Applecross is a bit of fun eh !
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  13. It was glorious @Luna the Westy , although it would be stunning in any weather...just in a different way :)
  14. We recently went over to Applecross in a Landrover.

    I really wouldn't fancy doing it in our bus. - some of the hairpins are very tight and very steep - so well done :)
  15. I got as far as the first post then had to stop reading as it was making me weep....truly one of THE most beautiful parts of the world!
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    Fantastic write up, fantastic pictures too. We're off to Scotland in August but not such a big road trip, staying at Loch Lomand and Oban as our bases. Hoping to have a go at coast steering in Oban. How does that Applecross pass compare with Kirkstone Pass in the lakes? I would never attempt that in our bay :eek:
  17. It's certainly wonderful @vanorak !

    @Jack Tatty haven't done the Kirkstone Pass....but we tried the Snake pass years ago whilst undertaking the 3 peaks challenge with a car full plus kit in a Pug 205 many years ago. Clutch was slipping in first and the car was rolling backwards down the hill! We had to get out every so often and walk behind it!

    The Applecross road isn't all that bad. We'd just done Mull so we were used to windy single tracks. As long as you're not in any great rush you'll be fine. Just make sure you are able to change down to second gear from third without crunching the gears!

    We are hoping to get away for a 3 week tour this summer. We were all set to plan a trip down the West coast to Cornwall but having looked back over this trip I think we've just persuaded ourselves to head up north again. Perhaps straight to Applecross this year and then up and over the top and back down the East coast? I'm thinking of spending the weekend of the Applecross games at the campste and work round that? Hmmmmmmmm

    Choices, choices!

    Holidays start in 9 weeks :) :) :)
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  18. Kirkstone pass is a doddle in the bay ?
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  19. :)

    Booked into Applecross for 3 nights for the Highland games and Ceilidh....held on the campsite. The Wife has wangled an extra week off work so we're away for a 3 week tour this year :)

    Heading up the East coast, over the top, and back down the West (probably)
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