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  1. Seeing as there are no berks posts on here I thought i'd put a quick post up about a campsite near Reading. Wellington country park is aimed at young kids, so it was ideal for my 1 year and 3 year old little ones. Along with a small train there is a water play park, a few adventure playgrounds, toddlers soft play, bouncing pillow, dinosaur trail, kids farm, picnic areas as well as loads of other things to do all in a huge woodland area. Entry is £10 each a day but best of all theres a nice little campsite there too in a nice woodland setting that after you pay for the camping the entry to the park is included in the price for little more than the daily entry fee.

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  2. train ride
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  4. camping in the woods
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  6. dinosaur!
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  8. More camping in the woods
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  11. Lovely place, I used to fish there
  12. You don't sound like a berk to me...:)
  13. I can safely say your right im no Berk ...but as for my Mrs!
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    I was thinking that too :D
  15. There’s a silly amount of fecking huge carp in there now, but a ticket is silly money. Nearly 2k a year now I think.
  16. Is this still available..?
  17. we camped here about 5 years ago, the access to the park included with the price and no need to drive anywhere makes it good if you have younger children.

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