Wellhouse farm, nr Hexham, Northumberland.

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  1. Spent a couple of days at this site:

    Only cost £12 a night (£14 in July/August) plus £4 for hookup.

    The 'newly constructed' toilet and shower block seemed old and a little tatty already though the showers were nice and hot and free.

    Top field was mostly full of caravans when we went (some must be there permanatly as they have gardens:eek:) so we ended up in the sloping lower field.

    Camper was all on her lonesome. :(

    Couple of pics showing how empty it was:


    And a 180 degree panorma shot:

    Close to Hadrians wall and with a good pub only a mile and a half away.
    Only 10 miles from Hexham and 15 miles from Newcastle too if you're desperate enought to want to got there.:p
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  2. @Zebedee about 5 miles from the village i'm from.
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