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  1. I just saw.. a police car :D
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  3. If it's any consolation, the local news is wall to wall flood stories with Corbyn half hugging a Donny lass and slagging off the Government and ignoring the fact that the local government in the area is Labour and the Lib Dem woman looking all concerned and ignoring the fact that the area she's in, voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU.
    The flooding is the new Brexit up here.
  4. So it’s kissing flood victims now not babies ;)
  5. It was the most feeble half hug / half past on the back ... Corbyn really didn't look comfortable.
  6. And the fact the lib dems where in joint power not that long ago and cut cut cut.....
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  7. Was Skippy there telling them who fell down it?
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  8. Speaking from experience, don't think anyone would look comfortable cuddling a Donny lass ...

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  9. Just abart sums the word government up :confused: is Jeremy Corbyn not in the government ?? Why didn’t he say something abart this before the election :thinking:
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  10. Think the word you're looking for is wrestling :thumbsup:
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  11. Got troops on the streets up here...wrestling the Donny lasses.
  12. I know which side will win. Come on the lasses.....
  13. Oi you, I'm married to one - 45 years an' all.
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  14. Crikey - chapeau to you sir , a man amongst men :thumbsup:

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  15. You must be a lass tamer :D
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  16. Forgiven

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