Weekend in Portsmouth

Discussion in 'Hants' started by GoWithFlo, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Spending this weekend in Portsmouth wild camping near Hayling Island Ferry (now sadly defunct). Lovely spot. Signs say council is consulting on discontinuing overnight parking though. Grrr.

  2. @davidoft lives 1 mile from there we was there last weekend gorgeous place there
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  3. Partner was down in Portsmouth yesterday, said it was lovely down there. I assumed it was an industrial port! Frinton-on-Sea has also recently introduced a ban on overnight parking. Shame becuase it was a perfect spot with luxury toilets and a huge green area.
  4. Local burger van guy said it was because of motor homes leaving loads of rubbish by the bins that the gulls then spread everywhere. Then someone got arsey with the council so they said they would ban overnights. Don't understand why people can't take their rubbish with them. Code of wild camping is leave it cleaner than you found it! The few ruin it for the many as usual.
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  5. Is his van green? If so think I spotted it yesterday.
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  6. That's the one rusty old thing o_O
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  7. davidoft

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    to much time by the seaside has rotted it out ;)
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  8. Just kidding :beer:It's well posh
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    ferry open again :), cant camp by the ferry but you can a bit further up the beach :)
  10. We're just coming into port now
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    where you going next?
  12. Manchester :(
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    They could just put more slightly bigger bins with lids on
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  14. Just park in @davidoft drive, if it don't start in the morning no problem :)
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