Week In Wales - Brecon and Pembrokeshire (Wild Camping)

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  1. So my wife and I just got back from a week in Wales. I'm from Swansea and we met in Cardiff so we hold a soft spot for Wales.

    The weather wasn't great but wanted to share my findings on wild camping which we did 3* times.

    So our route was:
    Swansea --> Bristol --> *Brecon --> *Poppit Sands (Cardigan) --> St. Davids --> *Freshwater West --> Tenby --> Swansea

    (488 miles our route was including drive from Swansea to Bristol)

    We wanted to climb Pen Y Fan so we headed for a car park called Cwm Gwdi near Brecon. It was a NT car park with a pay and display so we did the honorable and paid up (£3) as we were staying overnight and walking up the mountain. We were the only ones there and it was hilly but we found a flat-ish spot. It was the night we had high winds so the shelter from the trees was really cosy!

    Its a great place to start and finish a walk up Pen Y Fan on the 'horseshoe' route which took us about 4.5 hours.

    Poppit Sands
    This is a lovely beach at the end of an estuary near Cardigan. We contemplated staying in the car park near the beach but we wanted a drink and some food and that was a good walk away. Down the road from Poppit Sands is St. Dogmaels. On the approach coming from the beach is a grassy verge right before the village 'welcome' sign.

    It was a great place and in the middle there is a flat spot which if you park nose down you can open the door (RHD) onto the estuary view. Its a short walk from the Ferry Inn pub which does excellent pub grub with great views.

    Freshwater West
    There is loads of opportunities here. We stayed on the NT car park as it was flattest but here really is loads of places including right on the road with an ability to open your door onto the peak of the dunes looking out at the beach. Its also the beach they filmed Harry Potter on and there is a shrine to Dobby which the kids will love.

    Other observations:
    • There's lots of Parking strips on the side of the road on the exit and entry of smaller villages but they are often nothing special. You may get lucky and it be a place with a cafe van where you can get a bacon butty in the morning.
    • In Tenby we saw a couple parked right in the South Beach parking. We thought that ticket people would be on that but they seemed to get away with it.
    • Restaurants were very busy! But then it was Eat Out to Help Out and August Bank Holiday.
    Pics to follow!
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  2. We love St Dogmaels, Poppit Sands and the Ferry Inn. Freshwater West is great too. Can't wait to get back down there!
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  3. All good places , not been to St Dogmaels, but all 1 hour from me.
  4. As promised a few pics.

    If anyone has questions about our route just ask! :)[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. Brilliant photo's, thanks for sharing the route too, scenery looks great!

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