We just bought this late bay camper van!!

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by alez, Jul 3, 2017.

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  2. Wow! I'm overwhelmed. Thanks everyone :)

    > Welcome from Essex!! Nice GREEN bus too!! :)

    > Nice looking bus - green ones are by far the best :)

    I admit my initial preference was probably 0range or red with white / cream upper half, but 100% green has grown on me quickly and strongly, specially as the exterior and interior are meant to match and also they seem to be iconic enough that if you google for "vw t2 westfalia", "vw bay berlin" etc., most of the pictures are for green colour buses.

    > +1, please check out the rules for registering the bus ASAP. The Spanish have strict timelines to avoid taxes on your personal vehicle, let alone a camper. Lovely bus btw.

    It should be fine because I've already done it before with a kit car.

    > We registered a lhd t4 Westie to Spanish plates which was a bit pricey but ok. We had to have a ficha tecnico exam to say it was a correct homogenisation. Then get it ITV'd.

    That's the plan.

    > We also tried to do a T2 RHD camper but because it was originally a panel van we weren't allowed as no RHD commercial vehicles allowed on Spanish plates :(

    Wow! I didn't know this :eek: You would've faced further problems at the ITV inspection as the van had "undergone mods" (panel to camper conversion) which are generally a no-no here.

    > thats a bit crazy if you think about it ,same as a camper minus the sticky out rubbers ...

    Tráfico (the DVLA here) and ITV (MOT) are both clueless and careless. They don't give a flying ***. Therefore the "if you think about it" doesn't apply, because they won't think about anything. Motoring law here is similar to that of the Germans (very restrictive), but the mentality is pretty much the opposite, which often makes things very frustrating. After working in Spain, UK and Germany over the years, I've concluded that 1) The British will generally exercise their common sense or judgement, thinking by themselves when it seems reasonable, 2) The Germans will refuse to exercise their common sense and will follow the norm no matter what, 3) the Spanish don't have any common sense to start with.

    > Sale has a beach :thumbsup:

    Ha ha! We have an almost identical "beach" near Madrid. Wife and I have plans to visit it this summer and stay in the camper overnight.

    In the '80s, a song came out here that made fun of the fact that Madrid hasn't got a beach. It was an instant success because in Spain, people from Madrid are thought to be too proud of themselves. Many years later I met the guy who wrote and performed it and played a couple songs with him as guests in a gig that a common friend played. I loved it because the guy was actually a pretty good muscian.
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  3. How could I forget Sale Water Park - I learnt to windsurf there (You won't remember windsurfing, before your time)

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