Watermouth Park near Ilfracombe

Discussion in 'Devon' started by robcod, May 31, 2013.

  1. http://www.watermouthpark.co.uk/

    Just had a week here and loved it. Really liked the site and kids loved it. Prices were very reasonable and even included free tractor rides and toboggan rides for the kids each evening. Its got is own cool beach and the owners were nice. If I had to fault it I thought the toilet block isnt as nice as some weve been too but then again we're far too posh. Would certainly stay again :)
  2. Thankyou. Its really helpful to have good site recommendations
  3. looks a good site mite book a week in augs
  4. Thanks for this I've just booked a week in late July, can't wait!
  5. crikey i hope you all like it. i cant afford refunds.
  6. Used to be called big sheep, taken the girls many times, did you find the secret beach? Go to the top field, follow the path to the left, then down approx. 150 steps to a quiet cove
  7. Yes it's great, but was cream cracked up and down them there steps :)
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  8. my mum had to be picked up from that beach by air ambulance after breaking her ankle on the way down! I was very impressed how they managed to land the heli on that beach!
    DSCF0734.jpg DSCF0735.jpg DSCF0744.jpg
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  9. Wowsers you're not joking. Pictures are good but unless youve been there, don't do them enough justice for how they managed to do it with a 100ft rock and tree lined face just behind where you're standing. Must of been awful for her, hope she's ok now
  10. I know... I was just glad the tide was out!

    Funny thing was... There was a boat sailing past at the time... It was the consultant that ended up fixing my mums leg. He saw the heli, turned the boat around and headed back to wait for the call... He ewas joking about it I'm the hospital when mm I saw him
  11. I've been there too with my kids, thoroughly enjoyed it.
  12. Thinking about adding a night in our road trip this week. Is there a pub nearby ?
  13. Pub... At the end of the campsite...not too bed either

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