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  1. Hi..... again. A couple of things...

    My 1974 camper has lowered suspension on BRM replica alloys and I'm unsure what tyre pressures to use back and front. The camper is away having new roof gas struts/clamps fitted so I can't tell you what size wheel/tyre, but they look like any other bus alloys/low profile tyres...any ideas??

    secondly...I've just had to reregister from scratch as website didn't accept my username/password. Any system adninistrater out there know what went wrong?
  2. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    the forum went boom so we've started again.

    welcome back

    as for tyres i put about 33 in mine
  3. dog


    Welcome along! :)

    put your questions up in mech tech and you'll get some answers
  4. Lord Charles

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    Welcome back.
  5. Diddymen

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    welcome mate :)
  6. Hey hey hey, welcome back, glad ya found us again ;D it's like a playboy whore house here tho, once sampled, you just gotta return
  7. hello and welcome / welcome back (please delete as appropriate) :D

    this is one way of getting your thread count up!

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