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  1. Jon


    Hi looking at getting a westfalia .Would love a brown one if there is one.
    Must be solid and original interior dont mind if its bin lowered or engine mods.
  2. Hi Jon, and anyone else interested. Am just about to put our 1978, left hand drive, automatic, champagne 2 edition, Westfalia VW Bay Window on the market. Reluctant sale - aren't they all - but we're getting something more modern in the new year and need the space. Time to move her on. Not brown, but she was when she left the factory. Was going to do the rust spots and respray over this winter, but have decided to leave that for the next owner. Am still thinking about price.
    Photos here:
  3. Jon


    Let us no how much you want
  4. I’ll be putting her up for 13k. She just needs the usual rust spots sorting as per the photos.

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