WANTED - Working 3 way fridge for camper.

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  1. WANTED - Working 3 way fridge for camper. must be no more than 50 miles from ashford in kent and must be working. Will obviously pay for the item.

    Many thanks

  2. Shame your so far away dude ive got one for sale
  3. How soon do you need one?

    I've got one I don't think I want and swing via Kent to see my mum every now and again but it's never planned.
  4. need one asap really, as long as its working.. Got to fit the interior and want it ready to hand. How much we talkin? and where are you based cos i could always pick it up.

    Para its a shame mate. No worries.

  5. I'm in Bournemouth, could meet half way if it helped.

    My fridge is an Electrolux RM212, all 3 ways working, (last time I had them all running was Oct 2011), it just doesn't have the front wood panel on as the idea is that you put your own front on to match the rest of the interior. Although having said that I think I do have the original one in the garage.

    It's in great condition, still has the door lock pin and I've left the gas in line on / off switch on, (it's there for emergency shut off). Not too sure about the price really, I bought it last year for about £100 and I've just had a quick look on ebay and they seem to be around that mark.

    If you are still interested I'll take some photos and check it's all ok etc.
  6. I dont know what our budget is for the fridge just yet, i am still interested, let me work it out and ill have a look at some flicks of it. Have you got any manuals with it? if you had the original panel i wouldtake that too for a cutting pattern in the workshop.

    And yeah we could meet halfway no problemo.

  7. Cool, I'll see if I can take some snaps tonight if it's not a full blow gale like it has been the past week. I've downloaded the manual so you can have that no problem.

    I'll let you know how I get on.
  8. pm sent mate

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