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    Hi all, i am in Yorkshire and looking for a good honest and if possible rust free camper.
    I am on a budget of around £8000 ish but can stretch a little for a nice bus.
    I want an end of season bargain so if you want to sell yours get in touch.
    Regards, Andy
  2. I know of none, but welcome and good luck in your search :)
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    I really don't think £8000 will buy you a good honest and if possible rust free camper, for a nice bus you'll have to stretch a lot
  4. Rust free ! good luck with that one :thumbsup:
  5. Hi I have a 1.7 tin top westie that is poss for sale (daughter at uni eating savings). It is rust free and tax free . If interested let me know, and I,ll send fotos and full spec.
  6. There's one in the for sale thread at £8500 might be worth a look, plenty of decent busses around that price!!
    Try Deaddubs workshop in notts they're importing quite a few at different standards.
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