Wanted - RHD single cab pickup

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Flanker, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Not sure how much of a rare thing these are in the UK, however business is expanding and i would like to pair the above to our panel van.
    If anyone happens to come across one, id be grateful of a heads up.
  2. Forgot the UP in the title !!
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    up added :hattip:
  5. Theres a double cab late on flebay at the mo with Scooby turbo power - I'd be up for that if I wanted some fun!
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  7. someone else is up early!
    Your assessment of my m8's, once I've got the photobucket uploaded, would be appreciated.
    Thanks :)-)
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  8. davidoft, what ya got??
  9. definately no LHD? getting a really nice LHD with tonneau and tilt and bows soon 2.0ltr
  10. No lhd. Thanks
  11. what condition...?

    I have a "used" one...:D
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  12. there's a guy local to me has one (southend). it's a 79 single cab right hand drive. new interior, full body resto with photo's of everything done. new tyres and had a recent recon engine.. think it's a 1600 twin port. he wants a big chunk of change though £11500!!
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  15. I'd love that!! the tipper is so cool!
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  16. Cool! What you after for the tipper @davidoft ?
  17. Its lhd !!?
  18. Shame, that would be right ip my street @davidoft

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