WANTED Wanted: project bus - up to £1k

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Planty, Jan 29, 2015.

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    My point wasn't that it was cheap but that just cos you get out bid last minute on eBay your not necessarily really outbid, loads of stuff doesn't actually sell and people try all sorts of tricks, I was prepared to pay a certain amount of money and in the end I payed a bit less. If it had genuinely sold for more I'd have been none the wiser.
    If you want something on eBay and think you've lost out always worth dropping the seller a message straight after the auction to say if the sale falls through you're still possibly interested, surprising how often things aren't really sold!
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    I paid £800 for my sleepless nights... It was kinda complete and not messed with or patched up and it ran... much to the sellers surprise ;)


    £12000 later :


    Will probably top £16000, thats parts only, no labour cost, just loads of my own time. Pros are I know what I have for my investment and am 100% confident its no rust bucket. Cons.... Its took 3 years so far, enthusiasm wains, its a worry I might never get it finished, starting to think just how much its going to be used and if it will all be worth it in the end.... :(

    Save up buy a good van and chill out ... lets face it, there isn't any shortage of them, just leave your rose tinted specs at home and take a mate who isn't into these things and knows about restoring stuff to give you a non bias assessment. :)
  3. Think I bought the old cab doors off that van today from an old boy in Conwy North Wales!?
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  5. I have a hi top bay, jaffa
    And a Sheldon conversion t2 camper
    Both can be £999
    But they have been picked over
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  6. I presume the high top is the one on top of the container in your thread for the green bus, do you have pics of the Sheldon camper you mention? Thanks
  7. You have hit one of the nails on the head there... You've done it yourself and you know its good and done right. Peace of mind.

    So many 'fully restored' vehicles hide hideous corner cuts and bodges.
  8. @taypic the jaffa hitop looks kinda funky tbh... And yes I do need my head looking lol
  9. Just spent a happy afternoon trawling through @optimistic build thread in front of final score on the box, awe inspiring stuff (the build not the footie). This is what I'm looking (hoping!) to create.

    I'm only just beginning my search for the right van - this post is just one source of a potential project! Thank you for all the advice guys - I know much of it will be from bitter experience, but I rather spend less on buying and more on making good to make sure its all done properly :) Thanks to everybody offering links and ideas too. I'm following up a couple and in time I hope I'll start my own build thread. :D
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  10. The price seems right & the MPG is gonna be incredible. How much will it go for? eBay link
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  11. This is in my watched items need another epic project to save :eek:
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  12. hi mate heres some pics,, i couldnt figure out how to send them in a pm 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG 006.JPG 007.JPG 009.JPG 010.JPG 011.JPG 013.JPG
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    I was just going to link the above bus from Facebook for you @Planty , can't see much value in it myself!
  14. Thay can be found I only paid £350 for it and it's all there [​IMG]and I bought this cheap [​IMG]and did this to it but not finished yet [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] so it can be done cheap and at the end you know what you have got for your money
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    But he's asking £1500 for that one above on fb !!
  16. having been offered 600 for the poptop,, 150 for the seats and 350 for the box ,all in the last 24 hrs maybe you need to go to specsavers then
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    Excellent, I'm pleased for you , I'm sure you'll make more breaking it
  18. i know ill get a lot more if i break it but i`d rather sell it complete,, but if it doesnt go then the chopsaw will come out ..
  19. Merci beaucoup, je regret je nais parle francais tres Bon. Le sange et dans le Arbre! Le arbre est tres stupide!

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