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  1. Hi I am looking for a nice late bay. I had a1968 bay and although it was real nice I did have to upgrade to power steering from Litespeed, and Front disk. I did sell this bus but it did drive well with the upgrades, I am now looking for a Late bay with both Power steering and front disk. Ideally a complete nice bus, not to concerned with inside decor as will put my own stamp on this but open to all good clean buses.
    If you have a good clean camper sound underneath then I am interested drop me a line with what you have.
    I am happy to travel to see right bus with right history. If your bus has been well looked after contact me, if not then try e bay. I will inspect any prospective bus as I am only interested in SOUND BUS not a tarted up rot bus.
  2. I think finding one with power steering will limit your market , lite steer could still be fitted if required . Good luck there are some nice buses about at the moment :thumbsup:
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  3. Flakey

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    I know where there’s a nice Gypsy
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  4. Hello Lee,

    My bus is sound. No structural welding, steering has been adjusted to make lighter but not power steered. I have always tried to keep as much of her original as possible hence original paint. Take a look here if you haven't already as a starting point. Of course the British weather is catching up, but so is old age on us all. Stored under cover in winter.
    Selling is to help put me through vicar training (yes you read that correctly)
    RVSP if appealing
    Kind regards

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  5. Charlotte
    Thanks for the reply personally I like jaffa but my wife does not.. The underside looks sweet. Good luck with the Vicar training, my best mate from school did same things, he was a great singer in school and loved singing. I think he just loved singing at church weddings!
    Again thanks.
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  6. No probs :):thumbsup:
  7. PM sent.
  8. Yes I had Lite Steer on my Early 68 Bay and it is good. IF YOU KNOW OF ANY NICE BUSES point them in my direction more concerned with SOLID BUS than the Decor inside !!
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    PM'd you :thumbsup:
  10. Mine has lite steer, sensors, immobiliser, bare metal resort, runs beautifully, wouldn’t be selling but my kids are growing up and not interested in helping with the driving! Asking price negotiable for the right person, it’s a beautiful bus and has had lots of TLC
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  11. Hi lee
    What are you willing to spend on a solid bus:cool:
  12. yes, it would help if you said what your budget is.
  13. Baysearcher

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    I always disagree that giving your budget is a good idea.
    Do that and a £12k bus becomes a £15k bus.
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  14. Phots would be god PM me please, and where are you located.

    Thanks Lee
  15. As regards Budget? yES i have a budget, but that is for getting a good sound van on the road ideally for next year.
    My criteria is: SOUND VAN as start point, it maybe that I find the perfect van and I might pay 23k, but I may find a van that requires work but that is a good sound van that I pay 10k for so my budget is wide. I have a good understanding of vans, and also a good sound VW Engineer that will probably look over the van I buy, as long as it has a good start point then I will be interested. If I buy a van for 10k I might spend money upgrading brakes, steering, paint and inside. There are so many variables as we all have our own idea of the ideal van. So start point around 10k, but could go up to 23k. So many vans out there that are overpriced, probably as a lot of sentiment is tied up in our vans in getting them into in our minds as nice, then when selling we tie up to much in the sentiment into the price. Many vans on all sites are on for months, and quite a lot will end up staying on the drive covered over winter and probably suffer for this, all because people are not living in a real world. That is why I have joined this site as people on here will have a better understanding in the pitfalls and reality of owning, maintaing, and enjoying their van. So if you have a van pop me a message. It may be 10k and I add the value in myself or it maybe a 20k plus van that I need to maintain.
    Bayseracher is right, but here I have given people my range.
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  16. Will do - I'm in Wimbledon
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    I think that too.
  18. Hello lee. I have a tin top which is not mint (but if it was it would be £16k.)

    As a result I would be happy with around £12,500 or thereabouts.

    He is totally usable and mechanically spot on. Lots of rust has gone in the time I’ve had him. Inner sills are needing doing again in the next few years I’d say. Quite a few grey bits since the photo below as rear corners are now new and some other small new bits of metal.

    Lots of character as an ex fire bus, but usable as a camper, cool box, gas ring, room for 2 adults and 2 kids sleeping or 7/8 seater too.

    Let me know if you need to know more.

    Tony. [​IMG]


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  19. Hi There,
    My Late Bay is for sale. Recent rebuilt 1600 engine by aircooled specialist. Warranty on rebuild until July 2019. MOT til May ( though now exempt) . Good solid van . LHD. See advert on here. ‘Bert’ 1977 . £14’500

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