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  1. Hi all, looking for a nice westy Berlin or Helsinki! Preferably in jaffa with original interior. Looking for something with little or no work needed... will travel for the right bus! Let me know what you have!!
  2. what is your budget bruv ? assume its "considerable"?
  3. Looking upto about 15k!
  4. Good luck in your search, seems a reasonable budget, are you bothered about LHD?
    I think the Berlin looks a much better interior!
  5. Not bothered about a LHD, my split was a lhd so I'm used to it! ;)
  6. I know of a westy conti forsale(front hinged roof ) in beigh and cream just been restored totally original let me know if your interested it's in Hampshire
  7. Yes, send us details, will take a look.
  8. We have a 75 Helsini arriving from the States on 17th October... Although it's always best to reserve judgment until we've physically inspected it, this one looks darn good on the basis of the pics. I understand paint is all original..

    Thumbnails should be clickable.


    Price should be 10k or less... depends on final costs when it lands here.

    [​IMG] www.vwcampersuk.com

  9. sorry just got your message i'll get on to him tomorrow for info
  10. Now sourced a van.

  11. Pics mate, We love pics :)

    Oh and congratulations :thumbsup:
  12. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Orang e now that's a rarity . Lol

    Well done mate stick around and show us some pictures.

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