Wanted! Late Bay, RHD, tin or pop top

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  1. I think I just might :)
    Eagerly awaiting more photos and info.
  2. Woodylubber

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    So to the people who have shown an interest, we're gonna get Gavin MOT'd in this next few weeks and because he's been stood over winter give him a good clean out and tune up, when he is ready i will send everyone all the details but here's a bit about him, Lou bought Gavin 4 years ago as he is now. No body work has been done in this time but she has had fitted a whole new camping interior and new upholstery, as said earlier, he is not a show stopper but is a good standard looking camping bus that is ready to go straight away, I need to get some pictures taken and I will get back to you all
  3. Did you find one ???
  4. Ah sorry, completely forgot to update this thread.... yes I did find one in the end, thank you
  5. Hi
    Are you still looking for a bay? I have one for sale which may be of interest and certainly falls within your budget. Let me know and i'll forward the details and photos
  6. just noticed that you updated thread.. doh! anyway glad you found one..hope you have many enjoyable trips!
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