Wanted - Devon moonraker interior parts

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  1. I have a table, not perfect condition. Do you mean the one that stand free on a pile?
  2. Hi sorry for late reply. Yes it is the table on a single leg that is brown Formica on top and yellow mustard chip board underneath. Do you have a picture? Many thanks
  3. 2278E56A-3C98-4E47-90E6-B547CFFEF522.jpeg 3807CCCE-DF2E-4D7D-9AE8-B3AE8D296625.jpeg 2C61B9A1-7BC9-452F-8C95-70A79CC6C563.jpeg 362D9FF4-F58B-4175-A97A-D6777A63B4B9.jpeg
  4. Second photo shows the scratch on top too. Will send some pics of underneath tomorrow. Don’t think I have anything else but have to clear out a few bits from a garage I was renting so will check there
  5. Do you need a leg for the table?
  6. Great thanks, will wait to hear from you tomorrow. How much do you want for the table please? Thanks
  7. No I have a leg. Thanks
  8. My garage is full of STUFF from the people we’re in lockdown with. They’ve been staying with us for months and all their furniture etc is in the garage. I’ll take a look and see what I can find but it could be a long time before my bits are revealed (oooh, missus!).
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  9. No worries, I can wait!! Thank you so much. Please keep my details safe so you remember who I am!! Cheers
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  10. Sorry to jump on this thread but we’re also looking for Devon Moonraker interior parts too, including a sink unit. What age is this please? Do you have any photos please? We may be interested, if the original poster isn’t interested that is...
  11. Hi. It’s from a late bay. I’ll see if I can get to it in the garage.
  12. E4943969-0CA5-40AB-9B05-B201DFDB19CE.jpeg 19C7A14D-481D-407A-B6FC-D5FD7538BDCE.jpeg EED2AEC8-B2C5-4A40-A900-C2257E20D027.jpeg E25CA103-AC6A-4031-ADA6-9968E28C9F77.jpeg 864040AE-10C4-4F8C-B742-BCE6531809DF.jpeg 67A9246B-A923-4629-9D47-FFE58DBC4632.jpeg Found these if any use? That’s 3 different bit front and back
  13. Also these
    BB3CA79F-6F16-4557-A9D7-B86CB89D8DE1.jpeg To hold table below the over bed unit (head banger)

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  14. Door edging, tyre cover (black) and some bits for in fridge I think

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  15. Also got the but to hold the pole of the table in place on the floor
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  16. Again sorry to jump in
    I have a spare Moonraker cooker/sink unit its only sat in my shed if anybody need one

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  17. I have The steel sink top and gas rings if your interested. I’m in Lincolnshire.
  18. Hi
    If this is till available, I'd like this please!

    I'll PM you

    Cheers Julian

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