Wanted - Devon moonraker interior parts

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  1. Hi everyone, really looking for a VW moonraker table - as ours isn’t original. Also interested in any moonraker worktops and original cupboard handles. But if you have any moonraker parts for sale or know someone who has give me a shout. Would also consider buying a complete interior. Thanks
  2. garytype2

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    I have the correct brown formica if required
    Regards Gary

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  3. Hi Gary, do you mean the brown Formica that was in the moonraker?
  4. garytype2

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    On the unit tops
    I may have a little of the yellow/mustard also

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  5. That would be perfect - is it original? Can you send me photos please
  6. I’ve not got anything sorry, I will be getting Congi’s old Viking in for some jobs next week. The new owner is very happy with it !
  7. Thanks for heads up.
  8. I thought Congi had a Devon moonraker dunc sorry .:oops:
  9. There a guy that makes repro Devon interiors. I contacted him to do my moonraker interior, but he says he can remake what you want if you provide him the cupboards that need remaking.

    Hes "Kevs devon interiors"

    Ps this table looks like the devon table...
    Ebay item 143598458922

    Otherwise just reface yours?!
    Also theres a guy called snowsgallery on ebay,

    He sells both the brown and yellow formica to match our moonrakers!!. :)
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  10. Oh yeh, you’re right
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  11. Yeh your going a bit stupid in your old age ,silly old fool :D
  12. No worries
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  13. Hi mellow yellow - you’re moonraker is the same colour as ours . Thank you so much for your useful info. I will give them all a try!!
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  14. I
    ts ok I know dunc ,he’s quite good normally but ............................:thumbsup:
  15. I’ve got some worktops and edging but they’re not in great condition. Also some of the coloured panels and an overhead locker door. Oh, and a sink/cooker unit with fellowes cooker. I’m in Kent.
  16. Hi, thanks for your reply - can you send pictures? I’m going to also look at reproduction but would ultimately prefer original.


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