WANTED wanted another bay project

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  1. Yes I am looking for another project what you got
  2. Addicted!
    How's your nephew's one going?
  3. What kinda thing u after?
    I've got quite a few here
  4. bud he is slow i have done the roof for him and front panel work - but he went and got married it should be done by now but she dosnt let him near it.
    I am think hard about going on my own doing dub resto and repairs and basic service work and a few weddings - just started to think about the next winter update on gladys - sorted a set of drop spindles now want a narrowed beam
    Hi what you got wants to be uk v5 and as early as poss
  5. I've got a71 early microbus with Westfalia roof & late Westfalia interior.
    It's been welded, had all mechanical work done & an engine rebuild.
    I've started the repaint & have so far got both sides & the back end in primer, I'm part way through repairing the front panel!!!
    And that's about as far as I've got!!!!!
    Now I'm bored!!
    So it's up for grabs!!!!

    Now sold!!!!
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  6. Hi I have a project I want to sell , 79 bay , subaru engine and gearbox (5 speed) , imported from arizona and has undergone a full respray including the westy roof
  7. can make me an offer on mine if you like..
  8. redoxide

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    I would consider selling my other project, I have to much on the go. Its a very solid RHD 4 berth .. very solid with local areas already repaired by me, including batery tay and lower screen surround.. other than that the bus is very good .. I binned the chipbaord and formica interior so its a clean slate as far as the interior goes.. I was saving this bus as a potencial earner , but I went and bought something else that I am keen to crack on with so would consider moving the bus along to free up some cash.. It really is a solid old bus which I have carried out localised repairs to. All body panels including front and rear arches are original and solid, no bodges, and no filler.. nothing hidden. Im looking for £5000.. will need window rubbers , engine gone through ( it was fitted with a V8 when I got it ) air cooled 1600 has zero endfloat.. but I bought it as a builder for this bus, could be runner ? Im not worried ab out it selling or not, its as good as money in the bank and only going up..

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  9. I got a half finished project. Ran out of cash. Will have pics off the garage of the work done tomorrow hopefully. Here is a quick summary. When i have got the pics il do a proper for sale post. But just fyi:

    1973 v early late bay.
    I bought it this year and found it was a rot box. Been In repair garage creative customs south west and currently getting welded. Chassis is good, has full interior, all glass is good and present, all rubbers are there i have some new rubbers too. Half welding has been done as what ever needs replacing or could have done in couple years I bought parts for and intended on replacing now. So these are parts I've bought and drivers side and engine bay has been done just the passenger side to go.

    Front panel

    Two brand new doors from heritage

    B posts

    Full arches both sides 250£ ones genuine correct fit ones

    Back panel of the front arches specially made with holes for wax oil by someone on latebay

    All sills inner and outer, middle sills and strengtheners both sides

    Bottom 12 inches both sides on side panels

    Battery trays

    Chassis piece behind engine infront of gear box dont know the name

    Engine bay parts

    Both rear corners including the lights

    Sliding door repair panel

    All sills for the sliding door sides

    Cab floor piece left and right

    Tub repair

    Under the middle window piece specially made both sides

    The cover for the sliding door track.

    so from this list you can tell what has been done driver side and in the engine bay already. I have all the best quality parts to continue with the drivers side and front panel. I have ran out of money to continue so need to let it go.

    Beam has adjusters on it but are jammed so will need to be taken apart to put back to stock.

    Brand new Disc brakes and drums

    Stock wheels

    Full upholstered interior in dark green and door cards in light green.

    Rover seats usable condition.

    1641 type 1 engine and exhaust (no side tinware) not in van at the Mo because of welding work being done

    Brand new front bumper, rear bumper will need painting when van is ready for paint good condition.

    Original Devon roof pop up with hinges could do with new canvass.

    Half project with everything you need and blank canvass 7.5k making a loss but I just can't continue no pennies left :(
  10. Hi Outlaw, did you get a new project? I've just put an ad on for mine, doesn't need much and its quite unique UK rhd van conversion with Viking top and porthole windows.
  11. what sort of money
  12. Have an early LHD tin bay £1950. Little crusty but not too bad. It's over on the prototype forum
  13. Got a lovely slammed and narrowed xover with fake Fuchs on it.
  14. You still after a project bay?

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