WANTED Wanted a project T2

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by kevin smith, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. Hi all

    Is anybody selling or considering selling a "project"

  2. What sort of money are you looking to spend?

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  3. It would really depend on whats needed to be done
  4. Dubs

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    There one on here for £800 somewhere in the classifieds.
  5. Dubs

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  6. Have you got so
  7. Try California connection website sometimes have a few and some of them are actually over here in Derbyshire brought over to there store unit .
    I bought a reel good one 3 years back came with all documentation ...ID and all necessary charges .
    Mainly deal in bikes cars and chevvys but they do have busses .
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  8. https://www.apincorporated.com/euroinuk.htm
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  9. Whereabouts are you, I might know of one for sale?
  10. Thinking of selling my 79 twin slider panel van.
    If interested let me know and can send pics
  11. .
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  12. I’m in
    the north of Scotland
  13. Oh dear, that makes it difficult to look at a bus in South Lincolnshire at the moment!
  14. Yeah, mine. 1972 Devon. Easy project. Engine rebuilt under 5k miles ago, loads of new brake parts to go on it, chassis and panels need welding. Easy project to someone with time and money, but in Somerset, so a long way away. It would easily make the journey up there.I just have no time for it anymore with one thing and another. Receipts for thousands of pounds ( around 7 grand or more, I think). ‘Birth certificate’ from Wolfsburg. Not original interior, but full width bed, cooker sink. Reupholstered etc...
  15. 21Window

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    1978 2.0L Fuel injection UK registered bus. Runs and drives. Imported by myself from USA. Needs a battery tray replaced and that's the extent of the welding, a new front windscreen & 1 x tie rod. Runs and drives on original fuel injection. Very straight, no rot other than mentioned and dent near rear back light. I have all paperwork & V5. Has rear back seat otherwise interior is the project part! £7500.
  16. @21Window send me some details please if you don't mind.
  17. 21Window

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    Will pm you :)
  18. I know of a 68/69 Deluxe which has most of the bodywork done, all deluxe parts with the bus inc trim, seats, bumpers, engine etc...

    Its not mine, but I was offered it and have the guys number..... Its a USA LHD import which is red, but looked Savannah magnolia under ....

    The guy wants £6000 to trailer it away and all the parts.

    Happy to pass details or getting pics.
  19. Hi just wondered if you are still looking for a project, I am inessex

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