Walkers crisps can unite nations , a true story.

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  1. Drove to Cologne on sunday to see some chums. I asked him if he wanted anything bought over. He jokingly said "some healthy crisps" I jokingly got him two multipacks of walkers.
    Anyway, got pulled by the polizei on the german border
    "papers please"
    I produce insurance docs, passport,breakdown cover
    "where is your registration document"
    at home
    "this is not good , you should have it with you"
    well it,s at home
    "let me see in the back "
    "what are they"
    Chips I think you call them
    "They are not healthy"
    I know , thats why I have them , for a joke for my friend in Cologne.

    We ended up shaking hands and laughing, " i want to come to england next year" I said , good luck with that mate.
    He got my reg docs up on the phone from DVLA
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    Remind them who won the bloody war!
    Damned huns!
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  3. Any snogging?
  4. Nein
  5. They don’t like it up ‘em!
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  6. No! Don’t mention the war! I did it once, but I think I got away with it...

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