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  1. Researching campsites for a trip to Wales this coming half term. Hope to hire a van (with Propex heater!) from Cheltenham, and then driving diagonally up towards Snowdonia (Bala is the approximate target) and back over five days, four nights.

    Currently looking at:
    • Tan-y-Fron, Dolgellau
    • Carrog Station
    and for the first and last nights, one of:
    • Townsend Touring and Camping, Pembridge, Leominster
    • Bredward Farm, Kington
    • Baron at Bucknell Campsite
    There are lots of camp sites, but not many that are open in February!
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    Enjoy. :)

    Don't forget to share pics.
  3. Don't understand the question mark in the title... are you looking for opinions on the journey or campsites?
  4. Ah, didn't make myself clear.

    I was really looking for campsite recommendations and opinions, for example are there other campsites in the Bala area that might be open?
  5. We've stayed at Carrog (but not in Feb) the bathroom facilities were a bit basic, hopefully they've improved. The steam train is great.

    Most of the Dolly campsites are a drive away, and the roads are scary to walk on into town as the traffic is fast moving.
  6. Outside of Cheltenham is Hayles fruit farm (again not in Feb). Are you dead set on Feb? Winter camping might not be the best way to experience campervans
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    i go to that area of wales a lot Bala is pretty grim in the summer so winter should be interesting, you'll struggle with a lot of sites during jan & feb as most are shut until march, if you ventured more into the coast from dogellau to barmouth/talybont/on the a496 there's a few more being coastal, you can then continue along to porthmadog and black rock sands etc and always pick the road back up to go back towards bala....

    try these and do a search.
  8. Just to report back (a bit late!) we had a successful trip, and only got a little bit cold because of the freezing temperatures outside! We made good use of our merino wool thermal undies, and a set of thermal window thingies, albeit designed for a T2 bay. Also a blower heater with thermostat was essential, we used it everywhere on the electrical hookup. Roads were lovely and quiet, and there were snow patches on the mountains but no snow or ice on the roads in the day time.

    Campsites used, all open all year round:
    • Horse and Jockey, Church Stoke. No food on a Monday (should have asked, common in this area!), basic facilities with no heating.
    • Torrent Walk, Dolgellau: nice site, allows fires with fire kits, no cooked breakfast on a Tuesday (should have asked!), road noise not too bad, lovely new well-heated facilities.
    • Beddgelert (in the Forest): huge site, quiet in winter, nice trees, big heated facilities designed to cater for hundreds of campers, zero mobile reception.
    • Carrog Station: a lovely site, basic facilities in a barn with minimal heating but well looked after. The pub over the river was lovely for an evening meal too.
    Hired a diesel T25 from Wye Valley Campers in Hereford, who were very helpful and informative. Was interesting to try a T25 and a water-cooled machine. Liked the efficient heating, but less keen on the sound and look compared to an air-cooled bay.

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