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  1. I
    think they come with differing trims styles ... don't know but the one in the article had the flush ones I think, looked like it pretty much fitted, but you really need to measure up and satisfy yourself
  2. I bought the flush fitting kit for mine which was a perfect fit. Sink unit is a 73 westy continental.
  3. Any pics mate? :TTIWWP:
  4. There are two voltage settings to be aware of on the CR50. The 'cut-in' voltage, which is 11.7V, and the 'cut-off' voltage, which is set to 10.4V.

    If your 'static' supply is 11.7V or less (fridge pump not running) then the fridge pump will not start up. If the fridge supply drops to 10.4V or less while the fridge pump is running, then the fridge will stop running.

    We have a brand new 100Ah leisure battery and it keeps our CR50 fridge going for 2-3 days before the supply has reduces to 11.7V. If necessary, I then connect a spare 100Ah battery directly to the fridge using fused jump leads, leaving everything else running on the leisure battery. The spare battery then keeps the fridge going for another 2-3 days.
  5. So you carry two massive 100ah batteries and a normal battery around in your bus ?
  6. Only if we're going more than 3 days without hook-up.
  7. it depends on how often you open the door but with a 110amp/hr i was getting 4 days i now have a solar panel and have run for 6 days without problems before i moved site for another 4days.

    Its a good idea to run it to temp at home on mains before you leave and fully charge the battery with a good charger before you leave
  8. We always plug in the hook-up and switch the fridge on a few hours before we set off.
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    i know shaft all about fridges but i'll tell you summat for nowt, the westy deluxe built in job flattens a fully charged battery overnight to that flat it won't even turn a led on. Fact.
  10. so does my tinky winky electrolux
  11. 3 way it is for me
  12. we have the three way throw out now its great and you can use it for parties etc at home or boring picnics in the car n a like!!
  13. these fridges work in a different way to the compressor fridges
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    I didn't even know there was different fridges - that's my knowledge on it.
  15. I got a flush mount for a CR-50 going spare as we changed the design of the cabinets and couldnt use it. It looks unused although the box it came in is a bit scruffy £20 posted £15 collected from Reigate/Redhill Surrey.
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  16. I start mine a couple of days before we go and set the temp as low as I dare and plug into mains. Then when I arrive at the site turn the thermostat to the normal setting then it wont start up for a long while. I have a chest style waeco I put it in the awning to keep the ambient temps lower. Can easily get 4 days use off a 120ah battery.
  17. The compressor fridges are excellent units, the only safe solution in a boat for example. In general people have now overcome the; ' I must have LPG to go greenfield camping....' a solar panel will in all but the very worst of weather more than cope with a compressor fridges consumption. Solar power is free once you have your unit, LPG isn't!
    Added attraction is no massive vents and holes in your pride and joy.
    As to cable, misconceptions, people picture domestic cable in their mind's eye, proper multistranded AUTO cable is much smaller in diameter than you would think!
    Paul, jls.com
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  18. I bet you don't still have this, but if you have...
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