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  1. Hi all

    Not sure where this will get posted on the site but here goes. I am hoping to go to Tatton park 4.8.19 and was hoping if anyone on here who has a bus or other Vw will be attending and I could catch up with someone to ask a few questions rather than annoying a number of people on here with questions that some people may find really irritating and fed up of asking. I am starting at the bottom with a bus that is really in need of a lot of love and tlc and need to get any advice from all of you experts. I read but it’s hard to put things into perspective and sometimes seeing it visually is more helpful. I have a twin slider which is stripped back. I will post piccies if anyone wants a laugh which I am sure you will and think I am really daft buying it as a novice but you have to start. Somewhere and you may as well start as you mean to go on and get it right from the start rather than add onto something that has had a semi finished job. I want to work on a budget but understand that these sink money.
  2. I think we have a club stand so look for that on events thread and it has a picture of the plan of show showing where tlb will be .
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent
    Ask away, there are a host of knowledgeable people on here, but don't ask which oil to use.
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  4. There will be up to 10 of us at Tatton Park next week - we are on stand C53 which is on your right as you come through the main entrance - under a tree! Don't think any of us has a twin slider but there is usually a good selection of buses , from scruffy like my moneypit to mint like Simon's @Borninabug . All of us happy to chat buses with you.
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  5. I will call over and introduce myself thanks for the reply
  6. Hi thanks for the reply no I won’t ask what oil to use as my engine isn’t even in yet lol it’s currently sat in the back of the bus with the gearbox sat next to it. I understand the guy that I bought it off who sadly passed away in the process of stripping it was a mechanic he bought it and it was converted from a bay to a splittie but a bad one. With a Peugeot Diesel engine fitted
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  7. Main questions I have are types of seals and electrical wiring parts and seeing what is missing part wise from the van if anyone has also made their own internal panels and have patterns to follow.
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  8. Is there space on the stand?
  9. You could always start a restoration thread on here. I did and the help I have received when I’ve got stuck has been brilliant and really helped! Good luck!
  10. Hi @Alec237 - I think Martin has sent out all the tickets @Zebedee
  11. Theres one spare here. @Alec237 I just sent you a message.
  12. This! Get a restoration thread going. It helped me no end in getting our van through its resto.
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    Make sure you take a camera/ phone

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