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  1. I currently have 2 campers and one of them has to go as I haven't got the space to keep both, so decided I will sell this one.
    It's a 1976 left hand drive camper project that was imported from Texas in 1995 but was only on the road in the uk until 2001 since then it has just sat in storage. It has a westfalia pop top that has the original matress piece for the bed in pop top but will need a new canvas and seals. The previous owner had the underside media blasted and new panels welded in wherever needed, I have put a couple of coats of rustoleum on the underside. The van does need some welding areas I've seen that need welding are a couple of small patches on cab floor, small patch on rear wheel tub, all 3 back side window openings lower sections need attention, and some areas around the rear hatch.
    The rest of the bodywork is solid - cab doors,front arches, sills, rear arches, front panel, gutters, rear hatch, engine lid, sliding door has had bottom section welded in but will need lower window opening sorting.
    There is no engine with the van and there probably will be some other bits missing as when I bought it most of the parts where just thrown in the back.
    The front beams in great condition with 1 new ball joint fitted and 3 new ball joint boots, there's a 3 rib gearbox fitted and I have replaced the gearshift bushes, dash is in good condition, cab seats will need new foam and covers, theres some tubs with parts that go with the van in the back including driveshafts, spare steering box, 2 brake servos, pair of calipers, most of the glass, just put in a new main wiring loom, fuel tanks in, and loads of other bits and pieces.
    I'll add some more pics of the outside of the van at the weekend when i can get it outside in daylight.
    I am asking £2750 or near offer, a good solid van and needs very little welding compared to a uk van. Available to view near Berwick upon tweed.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  4. Seems like a very reasonable price and a good project for someone

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  5. some pics of the interior, cab area, engine bay, noted rust areas, would help. shame the engine is missing, price seems about right, LHD may not appeal to everyone. are you putting it up on ebay, you would get a much wider audience.
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  6. Day


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  7. Judging from the work done underneath i would say you could get quite a bit more for it GLWS .
  8. @mgbman will be getting more pics of all those areas mentioned just need to wait till weekend to get it rolled outside in the daylight. Got it on car and classic and gumtree. Probably will go on eBay at some point.
    Thanks for the positive comments, I thought £2750 would be about the value with all work left to do, no engine and there will be other bits missing, but if anyone wants to give me more I'm more than happy to take it.
  9. I've stuck it on eBay, starting it at £2200.
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  10. Less than 2 days of the auction left, starting at £2200 with no reserve
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    I’d aim it at someone that has a rusty westy and is ok with a could burn £2k on welding and still have more rot than is apparent in that van.
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    Did it sell @Vwsm ? Hope you got what you wanted for it,
  13. It sold @Merlin Cat for £2200, not as much as I would of liked but Wrong time of year to sell really just before Christmas. Could of put reserve on and held out for more I needed it gone and needed the money.
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