FOR SALE VW T2 c r o s s o v e r Bay Window Dormobile Camper 1972 Tax exempt

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  1. I have owned now for 4 years and have not had time to renovate so time to let go and let someone else restore her.

    The previous owner had work done on the chassis and floor so pretty sound although the cab floor may need a half panel to tidy it up.

    Work is needed in the usual areas i.e. lower half of body, doors will need replacing but all mechanisms present on the old ones. Sliding door and rear hatch are definitely repairable. Needs front clip and A pillars as these are beyond repair.

    Has been fitted with a Weed Eater adjustable front adjustable beam, 5 new tyres, new shocks, new gear linkage and brake shoes.

    Comes with rotary spit jig that it for a split screen but easily modified for the T2.

    Great project for someone with the space and time.

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  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    How much?
  3. Sorry £3,750
  4. shouldn't it be cross over not crossdresser ,that's a different site mate
  5. Typical wrote the ad on my pad, thought it knew better !!
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  6. That's just a little joke on this site - changes some words esp swear words
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  7. Type o r a n g e c r o s s o v e r for example

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