VW T2 1977 Camper. MOT TAX. Import from Greece.

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  1. PRICE & PICTURES ON APPLICATION - 07598910689/ nathangalilee@hotmail.com

    VW TYPE 2 CAMPER VAN. 1977. Left-Hand Drive.

    MOT until 19/01/12 (advisory on the last MOT was 'All 4 tyres cracking' and I have since had all 4 tyres replaced)

    TAX until 30/04/12

    59005km on the clock. Full set of curtains, 20L Jerry Can, Tow Rope (Unused), Tyre Fix, Jump Leads, Spare Bulbs all included in the auction.

    Quick History:

    The van was imported from Greece in 2010 by the previous owner, hence the bodywork being in a very good condition - as the photos show you there is virtually no rust. It has since had a respray in Jan 2011, and in Feb 2011 I became the owner of this van. From the 01/05/2011 the van has been offically registered in the UK with the DVLA, after having sorted a lot of paperwork out! The reason I bought this van was to do a road trip around Europe this summer, and in preperation for this trip I did the following work to the van between Feb 2011 and July 2011;

    - 4 brand new tyres (£232)

    - Brand New Full Width ROCK n ROLL bed, plus 2 lap belts (inc very comfortable foams! + fitting: £692) carried out by VW Relics of York

    - Complete Engine Service, Check Over and Road Test [new parts:4 new spark plugs, 1 new air filter, 1 new dizzy cap, 1 new alternator belt, 1 new foam engine seal, 1 new pettrol pipe, new oil, and also a new lock to the drivers door] (inc labour: £414) carried out by VW Relics of York

    - Brand New Pioneer CD player & Alpine Speakers (£90)

    In-between late July and early September 2011 I drove the van from York, England all the way to Pula, Croatia, going via Holland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Italy and Slovenia. And going back via Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belguim and France. I have photos to prove this! and I even made it into the middle page spread of a local Croatian newspaper while we were camping at a festival in Croatia! The van did considerably well on such a long trip (approx 4500km) however I did break down in Italy on the way to Croatia, where I had a new starter motor fitted by a Volkswagen Service Garage.

    I have full documentation of all the work carried out to the van (inc. the new starter motor in Italy) - please see the photographs.

    The Bad Bits:

    Unfornutealy on the long drive back from Croatia, the engine began to tick over at a slower speed than normal, this got progressively worse as I drove through Germany, Belguim, France and England on the way home, to the point where the engine now cuts out at low revs. It starts again fine every time, but it does cut out every time I slow down considerably or when I stop. More recently the engine has started to backfire a considerable amount. Please note, that before placing your bid, the engine requires attention! I have been offered a job in China starting in October and I do not have the time to get this fixed myself.

    The Locks - The rear door/boot does not open from the outside, I have fixed a piece of wire to the inside in order to allow you to pull the boot open from the inside, but in order to fix this properly I think it needs a complete new lock. The sliding door lock has been rather temperamental and in order for the door to shut and lock you do have to slam the door pretty hard, and when you open the sliding door you must make sure that it is on the rail. The drivers door has had a brand new lock fitted so there is a different key for that door. The passenger door has another different key, the door seems a little loose but it shuts and locks just fine.
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    price and location needed please as per rules
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    How NOT to sell a bus.

    (Price on application??? What planet are you on man?)
  4. It comes with a full set of curtains and spare bulbs though!

  5. Saw this listed on ebay im sure - actually i take it back, the one on ebay is still in Greece at some hotel
  6. Dear sirs,
    I would like to apply for a price & location of the item you are selling please. If you would be so kind as to provide me with these details I would be very grateful. I'm not going to buy it you understand I'd just like to be nosy.
    Yours Sincerely
    Chris Jones

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