VW Stripes as fitted to buses.

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by BaG hEaD, Aug 14, 2011.

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  2. Saw this beauty on facebook. :cool:
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  3. Hi all,
    Thought we would show you all our bus.
    My wife and I loved our bus with patina on it but I couldn't help but want to show off some original paint and thought the best way to do this is with some stripes.
    With all of the spare time and nice weather we have at the minute we decided to tackle the stripes.
    Left side is complete now so we better get cracking on the other side.
    It was a mission but we're so happy with the results.

    Here is the bus as we bought him

    And with the new, home done, stripes.


    I'll post a few more pickies when the other side is complete.

    Stay safe.
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  4. Merlin Cat

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    love the stripes. They look perfect around the wheel arch :)
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  5. Screenshot_2020-06-10 Instagram.png
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  6. Got any shots of the one behind @Zebedee ?

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