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  2. Google was the dunce rather than @Ermintrude.....on this occasion
  3. Don’t think taking little Alfie to techenders will save you!
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  4. Really sorry to anyone that uses the map but 2020 is proving impossible to update, for obvious reasons no one knows whether their events are going ahead at the moment.

    Present advice is that over the next 2 months gatherings of over 1000 people may have to be cancelled, smaller events are not likely to be closed down by government given the below criteria

    festival is 100% outdoors
    • Typical crowd density figures are less than 0.5 people per square metre
    • The time to serve from all our vendors is less than 15 minutes
    • The event/ festival is not classified as a “major event” e.g. over 1,000 people

    Bummer! but a great opportunity for small clubs to organise small events. If anyone needs any advice, documents etc just email me at info@legacy-festival.co.uk We will still have a great summer x x x
  5. Just update it and remove shows when confirmed as cancelled
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    Read that Bus stopover is cancelled.

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  7. Easy said but it takes a lot of time
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