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  1. NB Elemental, Bundle of Dubs, Battlesbridge shows in Essex are not on this year!
  2. Yes they are all in grey stating cancelled or unconfirmed
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  3. Grill n Chill is back at the Hop Farm, Paddock Wood
  4. It's listed
  5. yes I know its listed, just that in 2018 it didn't happen.
  6. Great work !!:thumbsup:

    I'm pretty sure this one is cancelled
    Dubs of Anarchy Bus & (motor) Bike Show 19th - 22nd September

    Yeap, saw this on FB

    Dubs of Anarchy Bus & Bike Show
    29 December 2018 at 14:07 ·
    We are so sorry but Dubs of Anarchy will not be taking place next year or for the foreseeable future. Dont panic though as we still have DUBS IN THE MIDDLE which is now a 5 day show!

    We have had some amazing times at Anarchy and was one of our favourite shows on the Dub (and bike) calendar as it was different, the people made the show amazing! The atmosphere was electrifying, the tents were full of fun and laughter but most of all the people were a pleasure to meet.

    Wether y...

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  7. The date and location for Slough Swap meet needs updating.
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  8. Would go but it would mean travel back to Essex via Dartford Crossing...so 'I'm out'!
  9. I'm pretty sure that the location for Dub Odyssey on there is wrong. I don't fancy another crazy couple of hours giving out directions to someone also trying to follow the wrong postcode

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  10. They have provisionally found someone to run it but will leave it as unconfirmed for now :)
  11. Thank you Ian, updated :)
  12. It is in grey stating unconfirmed or cancelled, sorry you wasted a couple of hours but it does say check before you travel :/
  13. It's okay, not your fault - it was last years, they got people confused by having the wrong venue details somewhere. It just caused a bit of confusion for someone on here.
  14. Date and Location are wrong for dub Odyssey. I'll look at getting it sorted
  15. @Ermintrude you weren't going crazy (well you were at the time), they did have the wrong postcode on there

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  16. pretty sure i may have mentioned this more than a couple of times :rolleyes:
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  17. I'm not sure I've got enough toes and fingers to count how many.

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  18. the address was correct on the dub odyssey web site but @Ermintrude had googled it and google brought up a cached webpage with the postcode of the old venue
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