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  1. Does any body think any kind of Vw show be held in 2020?. Tatton park has now been cancelled and Stanford hall been postponed hopefully busfeast is on. Or do you write 2020 off for any Vw shows?
    I need my fix of buying tat, expensive tat that I don’t need and never use but that’s part of the fun.
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  2. I'm hoping the Brighton Breeze will still be on
  3. The August shows are still waiting to see how the social distancing thing is going to affect large gatherings - Ormskirk Motorfest are still hoping to go ahead on August Bank Holiday.
    Our MG club had an informal gathering on Mid Summer's evening last Saturday on Southport's Seafront on the Marine drive - about 25 of us turned out and 2 other car clubs had the same idea. We managed to keep our distance - sort of - police were around but they raised no objections.
    BUT , I think if there had been more cars than this it would have been too much.
  4. I think mass events will be off until next summer or even 2022..
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  5. Dubs

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    Why not recreate the show experience at home, by inviting people you don't like very much to set up camp 12 inches away from your sliding door, then, when everyone is yellow snowed up, go to the JK website and spend loads of money on overpriced, I'll fitting Marmitee with empi written on it.

    In the morning, buy all their broken used parts they have put a westfalia label on in a box, eat a partially cooked hot dog while your wife moans at you for spending too much money on vw tat. Fall asleep in the sun until one half of your face is lobster red.

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