VW festival Harewood House Leeds . Advice on 40th Birthday & kids

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  1. Originally this was a thread about which is best Skeg Vegas or Harewood House.

    Everyone has said Skeg Vegas, so obviously my friend has decided on VW Festival at Harewood House!

    She has now decided we will camp in main area, with the kids rather than the family area.

    Thanks for the replies

    Has anyone been to both of these events?

    Some friends want to go for a 40th birthday, but will probably all take kids with them.

    None of them are particulary into VWs they just want to be able to camp, have some entertainment and not have to worry about noise at night.

    So which is best please, i've not been to either of them

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  2. I've been to Leeds several times and Skegvegas for the first time last year.
    Personal opinion only....
    Skegvegas rocks!

    Far more informal than Leeds.

    Both have separate camping for families and plenty of space (assuming Skegvegas use the same venue).

    Both have fairground rides and trade stands to keep the kids amused once they tire of looking at dubs.

    Leeds might swing it with Harewood House on site for non VW fanatics.

    But then Skegvegas has Battle of Britain Memorial Flight just down the road, and of course Skeggy itself.

    Personally I can't understand why anyone would get sick of looking at buses but then there's nowt as strange as folk.....

    I'll be going to Skegvegas every time they clash.

    Like I say personal opinion only, both excellent shows.

    Have a great time whichever you choose
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  3. Skeg for me.
    Went to Harewood years ago. Loads of toilets, shower trailer, big top tent for entertainment, security checks stop you taking drinks from the camp area to the show itself, very noisy non family camping area and more max power type motors.
    Skeg is more informal and basic, improved toilets compared with previous years, lots of space, marquee for entertainment, dodgems and small fair rides for kids and by far better, more unusual motors.
    Both worth going to but Skeg is the only festival penned on the calendar rather than pencilled in for me.
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  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I shall pass the information on.

    How many people go to Skegvegas? - as im sure i read that 18k go to Harewood House - wow that is a lot of people

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