VW Festival at Harewood house

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  1. Anybody doing VW festival this year at Harewood house 14-16 August im going staying the full weekend??
  2. Maybe, we have been for last couple of years as it is local...not a bad weekend all in all!
  3. I went a long time ago in a VR6 Golf it was a good show.
  4. It looks really great, but am not sure I would like to be turned away for camping when its full.
  5. I ordered my tickets the other week but i think it does get very busy there and you probably would run the risk of getting turned away if you turned up on the day. Good oppertunity to sell the bus though.
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  6. The best camping is in the family area...gets wilder with young lads in lupos in general camping!

    I think I'm becoming a miserable old bugger!
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  7. Luckily we have booked family camping to stay away from the golf pool and lupo crowd
  8. just got back from this event .
    the event itself was ok and run very efficiently apart from the lad on the tannoy who seems to like the sound of his own voice . Not as many latebays as previous years though. Very little autojumble there either which is my favourite area.

    Is it me? is it an age thing , ? but although the event was great , the noise in the camping ground was horrendoos well into two or three am. base and drum constantly from everywhere , and despite being about three quarpter miles from the beer tent that could be heard over evertything else. signs s were up to say no noise after 2300 but ignored by all including the numerous " security "staff , such that i dont think i will be going next year . go on say it .....miserable old git .
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  9. I enjoyed it i didnt really hear much noise, once i was in the van. The toilet situation was pretty bad they definitly need more toilets! My van was graffitied on the Sunday which was a massive bonus!!!

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