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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me if there is a club in Plymouth, we have a lot of air cooled driving around, but do we have a club? It would be nice to convoy to shows with others, the A38 is a lonely road on your own!!!!
  2. A group of us have started a facebook group called PACE : Plymouth Air Cooled Enthusiasts https://www.facebook.com/groups/114384145366527/ we hope to start meets soon, but the main aim is to support each other in our love of vw's, down here in the Plymouth area. :))
  3. Hi

    Was just wondering if your club is open to everyone or just bays and campers or if me and my little beetle could join in?
  4. nikkiwoo, Please do join us, PM sent :D
  5. I've just asked to join the group if its ok? There is a definate lack of a Plymouth club/meet thing going on!
  6. New club starting: Plymouth VW meeting tomorrow at the lower carpark in the ski lodge at 1900hrs then first wednesday of the month. :))
  7. Finally Plymouth has a club and a few of us attended the first meet. Hopefully it will get bigger, we need something done this way and they appears to be a lot driving around.
  8. Forgot me own van
  9. Gutted i Didnt see this until after the Event!!!! Doh... Have to meet again Ive got a Blue '79 Panel Van,
  10. Just found this club on Facebook, I'm from Newquay so should be able to attend a few bits!

    Hoping to get to mounts edgecumbe and totally vag show in wadebridge

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