FOR SALE VW Campervan - 1979 Westfalia LHD - £20,000 - SOLD

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by stuming, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. :eek:
  2. ... well I kind of thought that people would prefer one that is obviously used as opposed all shiny but nothing works. Had a guy coming from Germany tomorrow to buy it. It's just conked out though and won't start so missed MOT appt. Typical.

    Anyone know a new decent mech in SE London, now that Alan Hills Motors has shut down?

  3. £20,000 Bus's do not conk out.;)
  4. ... they do when the ignition switch pops mid journey.
  5. ... so it's gone. On its way back to Germany. I never did clean the sink.

  6. good result....:thumbsup:
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  7. I don't get the negativity ...anyone that has even the slightest clue could see it was a very decent ,well priced stunning ,original ,high spec bus . NOT your massively restored mixed and matched bus ... come on ,it's poor form and I'm glad stuming proved you wrong
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    Yeah they do, that's what people who buy classic cars don't get, they are 40 year old vehicles, just because it's expensive doesn't mean it 100% reliable, it wasn't 40 years ago and it continues to be so 40 years later
  9. I kept it original as I could. Resprayed the original colour. Kept the interior, just repaired it. Same fridge that worked. Same veneer. Same curtains. Me and my daughter used it for 10 years and now another family will. It was meant to be used and we did. And when it stopped being used I sold it. I got what I asked for it and that was a fair price. I'll regret it I know but it's better being used than sat in front of my house rusting again. Some people are a bit up themselves about these things but they exist to use and enjoy and they've been popular for so long because they can give people that enjoyment. Sitting in my camper at a festival while it chucks it down outside is a good feeling. Cornwall camping by the beach. Northern France. All lovely.

    And now that's over. Everything moves on.

    Cheers guys. Thanks for all the help.

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  10. Well done with the sale. Maybe it broke down as it didn't want to be sold.

    yeah, my expensive mk1 mgb breaks down. took it to mgcc summer gathering last sunday, running very well, everyone said how nice it is. took it out Monday starts misfiring, limps home. working on it this week, started it today, now oil leak from filter housing. Old vans or mgb's they are old and break down when they fancy. Chasing my tail today trying to sort the leak.

    the only part not original is the oil filter adaptor for a modern spin on cartridge. the adaptor is a Chinese repro with chocolate metal thread which stripped and allowed the canister to move and leak.

    Now decided to source an original hang down oil filter setup.
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  11. That was a very nice original bus. Identical interior to mine. My favourite colour and model as well. Price seemed spot on to me. Sounds like you had some great times in it. You can't have regrets. We do what is right at the time.
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  12. Now time to head over to vzi to find your t5
  13. It's just the green eyed monster syndrome!
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  14. Hi stuming
    Iv had interest in my van from a guy in Germany. How did the buyer pick up the van? This guy wants to come over and drive it back but he seems concerned about insurance. Iv told him I just sign it over to him and then it's up to him. What did your buyer do?

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  15. Congrats on the sale, lovely bus somebody's got :thumbsup:
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    In Germany they have a transfer vehicle type insurance and tax system, valid for 7 days I think maybe he thinks we have the same
  17. Yes thought it was something like that so how could he drive it back with some kind of insurance I wonder?

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    He is better getting it in Germany
  19. So the guy who bought mine wasn't able to get valid insurance on a bus he didn't own registered in the UK, so I just added him to my insurance for an extra £35 a year, which of course is now cancelled. We also singed a note that I was the registered keeper and I was lending him the bus for a holiday in Europe with my blessings, just in case the cops tool interest.

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  20. Ok so what would of happened if he wrote it off on the way home?

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