FOR SALE VW Campervan 1977 tintop

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  1. 1977 VW Baywindow Camper

    VW T2 Right Hand drive Tin Top 1977 camper with replacement VEGE 1600cc engine. Has never let us down in 4 years of trips to Wales.
    Imported from South Africa in the 80's Still on a Q plate as never age verified, but have a letter from a VW club stating its June - Nove 1977 from the VIN

    A well looked after van with full Westfalia interior by Kustom Interiors and a full width Rock and Roll bed with covers and curtains by Delilah's.

    The Exterior -

    Good exterior with some spots of rust, Underneath solid with some minor welding done 3 to 4 years ago. Front panel will need some work in the coming years but is fine at the moment.
    Sliding door has a dent at the bottom right but shouldn't be too hard to fix and a slight dent in top of the door.
    Gutters repainted but a slightly different white to the rest.
    17" black alloys
    Lowered but not too far around 4-5 inches, good handling but still a comfy ride.
    Just Kampers Two Bow Roof Rack.

    Interior -

    Full Westfalia interior from Kustom Interiors http://kustominteriors,, with drop down 2 Ring Hob, Sink with running water and waste, Wardrobe and cupboards and storage under buddy seat and below Seat. Top box is a Westfalia original. Bed pulls down quickly to form a large full width bed. 2 x LED lights in roof and LED strip under the bed.
    Full all round curtains by Delihas both in the back and around the front window. With the seating in vinyl by Delihas as well.
    Sliding windows on the side door and one on the opposite side.
    Sisal Mats in the front by MadMatz, Non-Standard leather seats.
    Sony stereo with speakers front and rear run off Leisure battery.

    Engine -

    Vege replacement engine that is very reliable, never had any issues with it. Gearbox in good working order with EMPI Shifter. 110a Leisure battery with split charge relay, but has not been charged for 10 months so unsure as to whether a charge is holding.
    Regular oil changes with Morris oil

    MOT till end of May but will put a full MOT on it before purchase.

    Extras -

    Camping cooker with stand,
    4 person pop up table.
    Spare dash panel ready for painting.

    Only selling due to buying a place in wales so will not get the use out of the van. Has always been very reliable and never let us down

    We are based in Daventry

    More photos.

    Looking at £8,000 its not a show winner but its a good solid van with a great interior and with a few bits to the body will look great.

    Call on 07563 469 801 or 07918 161 131 or front of van.jpg inside.jpg insude 2.jpg underneath.jpg engine.jpg

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  2. That seems very good value :thumbsup:
  3. davidoft

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  4. Does look very good :)
    Did I miss where it is located? Sorry, not got my reading glasses on !!
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  6. Ah yes, now I see it. Oops!
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  7. Looks very interesting, I might well get in touch later.

    What needs doing on the front panel? Complete replacement or OK to touch up (I see a bit of rust around the windscreen seal)?
  8. Long term it will need a complete replacement, but you can certainly use it fine for the next year or two as it is and just touch up a little. If you take a look at the Photobucket link there are a load more photos
  9. That's a smart tin top looks really good underneath .
  10. Defo a good looking bus there. Good luck with the sale
  11. Will look at offers around £7,000 if anyone is interested and might take to Stanford Hall.
  12. I think you are aiming a tad low .....
  13. he is on the money, the bus needs a few repairs...:thumbsup:
  14. Fair enough about scene tax throw in a radio flyer and it would add a grand :D
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  15. Is this van still available, or sold?

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