VW caddy... The MPV..

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  1. My latest VW ..
    Recently bought this VW caddy extralife,
    A versatile vehicle..which was a bargain compared to others,
    due to it being wav converted..


    Bought it with its ramp in place for the wheelchair conversion..


    A large ally ramp..and a tub fitted into the floor..
    And seven seats...
  2. I am sure I am not the first person to say this, but are you looking to change profession? To one that involves a lot of black!
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  3. IMG_20200710_121726.jpg

    Out with the ramp ,which formed part of the rear and bumper mount...


    Removed and sold ramp
    Repositioned rear bumper and new opening hatch...

    Fitted some rails to support 18mm ply..
    Carpeted with auto carpet..


    Ta da...

  4. IMG_20210809_161505.jpg

    5 removable seats..give over 2 metres of floorspace

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  5. Lots of mechanical bits..



    Some seats..:p

    Drivers bit..
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  6. A safe place to stash tools n stuff..;)


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  7. IMG_20210809_160127.jpg

    Camping seating..:)


    Loadsa room..:thumbsup:
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  8. IMG_20210807_193920.jpg

    Stealth camping....
    Airbed for a night's sleep..

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  9. IMG_20210809_163059.jpg

    Removed the badges...then adapted the Caddy badge
  10. Not to be a party pooper. But what year is it.? They had some issues on timing chains on those. I think 2010 to 2014.
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  11. IMG_20210402_120905.jpg

    A quite versatile vehicle ..

    proper MPV..:hattip:

    Also looking to get a motor scooter cycle in there...
    Should be easy enough,
    with camping gear,stashed under the floor..
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  12. They'll love that in Barry's Island.

    I like it. Had a Sharan from new and mulled over converting it to a micro camper but sold it as it developed so.e annoying electrical issues. From MOT records its still going after a quarter of a million miles.
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  13. Where did you get it from.

    Is the ‘tub’ just wood boxing, does that make the rear end less structurally sound?

    Assume you can’t get 7 seats in there, which I believe it should be.

  14. Acquired through autotrader.. there are dozens on there...:hattip:

    the tub is a folded and welded 3mm steel..
    almost as tough to drill as stainless...
    (it may well be):thinking:

    Seven seats came with it ,
    and still fit..

    The mounts for the rear seat..
    are at the edges of the car....;)

    The fuel tank is stainless and moved forward..
    The exhaust is side exiting in front of the side wheels..
    Quite a conversion job...:)
  15. Not heard of any issues on caddy 2k
    It has no timing chain...

    The fuel injectors can be fragile....:confused:

    Mind you..
    show me a modern VAG /any..
    vehicle without known issues...:p
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  16. I shopped for one in southern Germany near Switzerland about three years ago.. It was a car dealer. Low miles I forget what it was.. I think it was a 2012. I asked the guy what the condition is. And he said excellent. It was a work vehicle and was very clean. I kick the tires. Make sure the engine was cold before I started it. And I heard a rattling for about 5 seconds. I was yellow snowed off. I said this thing needs a timing chain. And he was like yeah it might I’ll lower the price. I was really upset I drove like 100 miles one way to get there. I looked into it. And some of them that do have issues , maybe I’m wrong .. it for sure had a chain,,,
  17. I've done the belts on mine...:p
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  18. Water pump and pulleys..


    Such a tight squeeze...
    Not enough room to get tools in..:rolleyes:
    Even removing the covers is difficult..


    Now done for another 70k
    The upside it only cost £125...:)
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  19. Chimney sweep...:p
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  20. Bikes loaded for Silverstone ....
    Moto GP


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