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  1. Hi folks. Which company out there sells the best quality 'VW' badges? I'm after a chrome or stainless steel one for the front of my ('78) bus. And I'd like a smaller badge one to go on the boot lid. All the smaller ones I come across seem to be 'sunken', which is no good. So, does anyone know where I can buy a decent small badge for the rear?
  2. :- no sorry
  3. The rear, round VW logo badges are all recessed I'm afraid - it's because they're designed to go on the tailgate of Brazillian type 2's, which have the badge recess. You'll also find that pretty much every other VW that had a round badge on the rear also had it recessed. Maybe a badge off a new beetle? But that is curved to match the curve of the bonnet.
  4. Get a mk1 golf front badge for the back an cut the tabs off and stick it on , there flat or at least mine is .
    I'm sore someone will correct me if I'm wrong
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    i recently bought a front badge off vwed on here but although chrome colour is plastic, i don't know who sells the metal ones but the plastic are dear enough, you must be a perfectionist!
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    I bought a later Beetle "Volkswagen" script from Heritag for my tailgate. Still looking good 3 years later. Funny enough the chap at Heritage told me my bus shouldn't have one.

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